Sol Galeano (b.1992) They/She
New Orleans, LA
Musician — Designer


I wrote this poem on the night of August 27, 2023. Earlier that evening, I went out to dinner with a friend, we talked about some of our trauma, forgiveness, and death. Sol is the name I chose for myself a long time ago as a way to call out to the earth, God, and myself. This poem is an abstract reflection of that conversation, an ode to the tattoo I got most recently 'Like The Sun' and a documentation of my thoughts and memory. My dear friend and creative partner, Artist Named You and I filmed the visual the following day, August 28, 2023. A majority of the footage was captured during a morning trip to the water — we returned that same evening to complete the shot list during a storm.


currently: graphic designer and creative director at ascendance

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